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“Customer Capture Platforms”


By Douglas Burson, Sphere Marketer & Analytics

The main components of CRM are building and managing customer relationships through marketing and observing relationships as they mature through distinct phases.  If your company continues to believe customers are still resources that can be used for up-sell or cross-sell opportunities, rather than humans looking for interesting and personalized interactions…



Small businesses don’t “Capture Customers” – your “Customers Capture You.”


If you believe customers are “resources” who can be used for up-sell or cross-sell opportunities, rather than as humans looking for interesting and personalized interactions – your business already is fundamentally out-of-touch.

Which of these “Customer Capture Platforms” are building your business?

salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365,  Oracle netsuite

The answer?  None.  Businesses are built upon relationships.  Not technology.


What “Drives” your customer relationships?  Technology?

Relational Intelligence, or awareness of the variety of relationships a customer can have with a firm, is an important component to maintain the phases of CRM.

Companies may be good at capturing demographic data, such as gender, age, income, and education, and connecting them with purchasing information to categorize customers into profitability tiers, but this is only a firm’s mechanical view of customer relationships.


Photograph By  (C) 2017 Ron Berg

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Client Case History: Blast-It-Clean

By Jay Dillon, Blast-It-Clean, and Douglas Burson, Sphere Marketer & Analytics


Keeping your food production facility clean is a huge concern. Between the equipment and the facility itself, there are many places that food particles can get stuck. While this might not seem harmful to production, you know leftover food particles make the perfect home for bacteria. Even worse, you’ve learned that many ways of cleaning are not thorough or efficient enough for your needs. You’ve done your research and have heard about dry ice blasting, but how will you know if it’s the best cleaning method for your facility?

How It Works
Our team uses rice sized pellets of dry ice at temperatures near -109 degrees Fahrenheit, or -78.5 degrees Celsius. These particles are softer than sand meaning they don’t damage the surface they’re cleaning. It’s such a gentle method it can be used to clean the dust off of books!
The dry ice explodes at a high velocity against the material needing to be removed. It shrinks and loosens up the material for easy removal. Ice penetrates the surface, warms – and then converts back to carbon dioxide gas. The loose material is disposed afterwards simply by vacuuming – leaving no additional waste other than the material removed from your surfaces.

See our Case Study about how we minimized any “shutdown” of one food production facility – with the use of dry ice cleaning!  


Case Study https://www.blast-it-clean.com/dos-donts-cleaning-food-production-facility/


Businesses Are Built Upon Relationships.

About Sphere Marketer & Analytics

“Businesses are built upon relationships.  Not technology.”

Sphere is a “private clientele” sales development and marketing communications specialty practice located in Kansas City, Missouri, with operational offices in Atlanta and Chicago. We work exclusively for clients who may feel “trapped” in the world of technology, hoping sales will increase.

And hoping new prospective customers will notice you.


Our Team – Gatorade, Nabisco Brands, Corporate Communications, Strategy, Reynolds Aluminum, Sales, Blast-It-Clen, New Ventures, Parker Pen, Kyocera, Data Analytics, Media, Maytag, Advertising, RAY-O-VAC, Consumer, B2B, Mercedes, Encompass Capital Group, AirCare, Kansys, Inc.

Results. Sales. Strategy.

“Technology” will not deliver a viable return on your investment in acquiring, maintaining and supporting the growth of your customer base. “Technology” has an important “marketing support” role.

Marketing, though, must support Sales!

We offer expertise and software that leverage the most current “marketing engines” and build your marketing presence across all appropriate media to create/reinforce client “push-through to sales.”

This capability alone helps you lock-in and constantly improve marketing spending ROI – Your “New-Client” acquisition costs are lowered and your relationships with existing clients are strengthened and expanded.


We evaluate, plan and recommend marketing and media strategies across the spectrum of advertising and online media platforms.

Clients are highly specialized manufacturing and services businesses within the United States.  Typically, these clients are robust companies with established customer bases and products/services, but not yet “market dominant.”

Photo (C) Ron Berg 2017

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Sphere Marketer & Analytics offers our services to numerous companies ranging from small businesses with a local interest to enterprises with a national or global reach.  We have a history of working with companies of all shapes and sizes and continue to offer our services in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and India.

It is our mission to make our services work for our clients by connecting with online marketing professionals around the world.  Before our professionals ever work on our clients’ projects, we ensure they spend at least 220 hours in training and certification.  This ensures our professionals don’t just know what to do, but also why they do it and how each service can be leveraged by combining other services.


Contact: Douglas Burson or Cindy Sanders, Sphere Marketer & Analytics.

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