67 Ice Cream Truck Drivers.

By Landon White and Douglas Burson, Sphere Marketer & Analytics

“Businesses are built upon relationships.  Not technology.”

67 Ice Cream Truck Drivers.  Sales Measurement.  Marketing.  Administration.

A Cherry Bomb Pop and a Drumstick.  $3.75 paid by “Mom” – 2 kids happy!  And all they wanted was a flavor, taste experience and a what will become a lifetime bond that can be repeated..over and over.

Nothing on this Sales Chart instructs you how to market and understand the true value of a customer…and probably doesn’t give a business owner any insight about their corporate sales…or their salespeople…or their level of customer service.

If you don’t understand your client’s expectations…how can you possibly meet their expectations?



Have you ever wondered which companies today are able to deliver the most outstanding customer experiences?

With customer experience (CX) emerging as one of today’s most important business benchmarks, it’s useful to understand how winners and losers are determined by their ability to manage, measure and improve CX.


And it can be inspiring to see which ones are ahead of the field — across multiple business categories and verticals — so that we can learn what they’re doing right and follow their examples on the way to true customer centricity.


As they say: “To be the best, you must learn from the best.”

While the list is by no means an exhaustive one, we hope you’ll be able to take what you can in order to inform and inspire your efforts to improve customer experience.


In Part 2:  Learn With Miggs Bassig “How 5 Companies Deliver The “Best Customer Experience”

These are companies able to manage feedback effectively and wow customers consistently, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, lower churn, increased revenue and better overall business results.

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