Sphere Marketer Announces 3-Year Exclusive Client Design Agreement


Sphere Marketer & Analytics, Kansas City, and Web Crawl Technologies, Chandigarh, India, today announced a three-year Exclusive Co-Marketing Agreement. Amandeep Mahal, CEO at Web Crawl Technologies, Chandigarh, India, said “This is a great opportunity for our company to expand graphic design, website development and SEO skills within the United States.”

Sphere Marketer and Web Crawl Technologies will provide creative and technical design across all media, internet and traditional communications platforms.

“Each of our clients understand they are building 21st-Century Enterprises,” said Douglas Burson, President, Sphere Marketer & Analytics.

“Choosing partners and defining sales relationships today may seem old-fashioned. A well-presented business card and sales results always win…technology and design simply reinforce your business presence and explain how our clients’ businesses are different.”

For More Information: Contact Douglas Burson 816.349.5988 or Email douglas@spheremarketer.com