“Titans of Industry”



Rosemary Peavler, Arthur James and Douglas Burson

Sphere Marketer & Analytics


Your “21st Century Enterprise” can be modeled on the Marketing and Sales strategies and budgets of “The Titans.”

Sphere Marketer & Analytics navigates differently.

Too many small business owners look at their marketing budgets as just conglomerations of expenses. But marketing isn’t simply an expense for a small business.  It’s really an investment because your company will fail unless you get the word out to your customers.  However, you want to do this in the most cost-effective way possible.

Here are some methodologies to expand your enterprise, increase sales and strategies to put effective marketing dollars on your “Topline” – increase profit, add new customers and build real, lasting client relationships.

These are cost-effective ways giving you the strategic advantage “Titans of Industry” lack – “The Personal Touch”

Use Free Publicity

Publicity builds awareness of your business.

If you use publicity correctly, it can also get you active within your community. Sponsor a community activity that is somehow tied in with your business.

When something new crops up within your business, such as the release of a new product or service or a different use for an existing one, issue a press release.  Your local newspaper or industry publication will likely be glad publish.

Include it on your website.

Sponsor a customer appreciation day.  Do a customer survey.  Newspapers love surveys and will likely publish your results.

Use Social Media.

Whether it’s photos on Instagram, Snap-chatting specials, or blogging on your Facebook page, use social media to both brand your business and create a consumer buzz around your products. Both Facebook and Twitter are great for announcing specials and sales, while Instagram is a good place to post photos showcasing your store or business.

Create Partnerships With Other Organizations.

Small businesses with low or non-existent marketing budgets can organize a partnership and pool their marketing budgets to make good things happen.

Perhaps a small business would like to hold a conference to increase the visibility of their firm and draw advertisers.  But, one small business would probably not have the marketing budget necessary to finance such a conference.

If several complementary small businesses got together – they might be able to manage the costs of the conference.

It would be a win-win situation for everyone.

Outsource It When you Can’t Do It Yourself.

If you have a small staff and you’re only experienced at certain things, then outsource the things you need help with. Aren’t good with numbers? Hire an accountant.  Can’t set up a computer network? Hire a computer expert.

Can’t write? Hire a writer to write your press pieces and do your blogging. This may sound expensive but think of the alternative. If you hire permanent employees with these skills, not only will you be paying professional full-time salaries, you’ll be paying benefits.  It’s much cheaper to outsource and pay on a “hired gun” basis.

Engage in Frequent Communication With Your Customers.

Remember.  “Businesses are built upon Relationships.  Not technology.”

The importance of communication with your customers cannot be overstated.

Your customers are in a belt-tightening mind-set. Items that were once considered necessities may now be considered luxuries.  You cannot effectively market your product or service unless you know how your customers think about what you have to offer.

Treat your current Clients as the “Titans” – marketing spending is very different from the “Personal Touch” you should be delivering.