“Big Data” and “Small Business”


By Ken Adams and Douglas Burson

Sphere Marketer & Analytics


The advent of sales analytics has sales professionals paying attention to metrics such as dials and e-mails per day to track prospects.  How is “Big Data” accelerating your “Small Business” Sales?

As for sales performance and Client Relationships, how are “measurement, pipeline value and win rates” building your business?


As a business owner…do you even know if your sales organization is developing Client Relationships based upon these “Big Data” Metrics and the “marketing spending” you review everyday on your P&L?

  • Making accurate and reliable sales predictions.
  • Identifying opportunities that are most likely to convert.
  • Enabling sales teams to identify and measure areas that need improvement.
  • Gaining visibility across customer segments, sales, revenues and prospects.

Today.  Businesses are built upon relationships.  Not technology.

Increase your Marketing ROI and Long-Term Client Referral Base.


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