Hallmark. “When you care enough to send the Merry Jest.”

By Doug Burson, Sphere Marketer & Analytics

Hallmark Cards.  The Classic.  The Premier.

Art designers, production experts, and one of the highest-quality “Brands” in the world.

Hallmark prints and sells “personalized” greeting cards, gift items and ornaments.

What happened?  The company missed the changing American marketplace.


Hallmark became buried by competition, distribution through fixed retail stores…and most importantly a stable of clustered consumer-purchase data.  And all of the “greetings cards” in the world cannot replace the cost of paper, printing, delivery, postage stamps, worldwide retail storefronts, advertising…

When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best.”

As the Baby Boomer Generation passes…grandmothers can’t get to a store.  Few children grasp any meaning or memory by receiving the most heartfelt greeting card.


This is the Transformation:  The World Has Become Impersonal.

A greeting card no longer establishes or reinforces a personal bond between people. Hallmark became The Yellow Pages.

In a world of 6 Billion people, Rice-A-Roni and Green Eggs and Ham have more meaning than a Hallmark Greeting Card – no matter how it’s packaged, presented and delivered.

These issues can be solved.  “Reasonable-Margin Sales” easily are planned on a postcard.

The Lesson For Small and Mid-Sized Companies:  Solutions and Innovation rarely are found “inside” – rather from “outside” perspectives.

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