“Kirby” HubKonnect Launches AI Technology For Franchise and Local Store Consumer Marketing

HubKonnect is a revolutionary approach to tailored local marketing plans.  The company was founded by tech visionary Michael Koch and local marketing pioneer Kathy Hartman.

These Co-Founders have had robust careers; Hartman led Local Store Marketing (LSM) for McDonald’s Corporation, where she trained thousands of franchise locations in the art of local marketing.  Koch, a renowned tech entrepreneur, has built and sold four successful tech companies by creating marketing infrastructure SaaS platforms for franchise locations.

The HubKonnect AI brain, better known as Kirby, leverages thousands of real data points to instantly generate a local marketing plan.

HubKonnect is a Continuous Learning, AI platform that creates customized Local Store Marketing plans for individual franchise locations.  “In my experience, it is rare to create a technology, and even rarer to create a new cognitive technology, that you know will advance an entire industry and instantly change how local marketing happens in the future,” said Chief Executive Officer, Michael Koch.


HubKonnect is designed to complement and build upon national marketing strategies by examining data from the local trading area of each store. This data is used by HubKonnect’s custom built, AI brain to create an in-depth trading area.

These localized plans will immediately help franchisees maximize their unique sales-building opportunities for each specific location.


“We live in a world where franchisees don’t have the resources or expertise available to create effective local marketing strategies. This is an industry where local businesses often have to rely on the trickle-down effect of national marketing campaigns to drive sales at their individual location. HubKonnect is the silver bullet for local franchise marketing,” said Chief Strategy Officer, Kathy Hartman.
HubKonnect brings Local Marketing expertise and innovative technology together to enable local franchises to build intelligent and custom Local Store Marketing plans.
Continuous learning suggests custom marketing tactics
Instantly recommends exact plan and timing
Recommends communication channels and implementation action steps


About HubKonnect: HubKonnect’s cognitive AI platform suggests customized local marketing ideas based on an analysis of the specific customers and opportunities within an individual retail location.  HubKonnect provides immediate benefit for the top franchises in the world by providing local marketing expertise to individual franchise locations.   Visit www.hubkonnect.com for more information.

Published By Sphere Marketer & Analytics – Courtesy Kathy Hartman, Chief Strategy Officer, HubKonnect