Czech Republic Students Develop Sphere Marketer “Chatbox” Prototype


Chatbots.  A Conversational User Interface For Small Businesses.

By Douglas Burson, Sphere Marketer & Analytics, and Students At Gymnázium Bohumila Hrabala v Nymburce High School in The Czech Republic

The Successful 21st Century Small Business Enterprise must constantly be on the look-out for ideas, sales opportunities, client development and marketing ROI.  “Chatbox” Technology offers these benefits.


By coincidence, Sphere Marketer became associated with Gymnázium Bohumila Hrabala v Nymburce and a special class of high school students – all potential global entrepreneurs.

Here is their story…

The most important part of any chatbot is the conversation with its user.

How do we define the intelligence of a chatbot?  You can see a lot of articles about what would make a chatbot “appear intelligent.”

A chatbot is intelligent when it becomes aware of user needs.  Its intelligence is what gives the chatbot the ability to handle any scenario of a conversation with ease.


Why “Chatbots” and how can they help build my business?
You are probably wondering “Why does anyone care about chatbots?

They look like simple text based services… what’s the big deal?”

For the first time people are using messenger apps more than they are using social networks.


Sphere Marketer & Analytics – A Smarter Approach

Since the process of making a intelligent chatbot is not a big task, most of us can achieve it with the most basic technical knowledge. Many of which will be very extremely helpful in the service industry and also help provide a better customer experience.


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