The Fantastic Voyage Of Building A Business.

Contributed By Michael Koch, CEO and Entrepreneur | With Douglas Burson, Sphere Marketer & Analytics
The power of determination and confidence in yourself can take you to greater heights than you ever could have imagined.  When you are young and your parents tell you that you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up, they aren’t lying.

The difference between doing exactly what you want to do and settling for a position that you’re not happy with comes down to:

What you believe you are capable and confident of achieving.

The most successful people in the world across all walks of life (athletics, business, art, music, etc.) do not get to the top of their professions by thinking they are anything less than the absolute best at what they do.

Getting there is only half the battle – and staying on top is twice as difficult.  These individuals have believed they would be in that situation – and visualize climbing to the top every day.

They have played out every situation they can think of in their own minds to minimize any disruptions that could occur.
You’ll hear it time and time again in speeches from leaders across all industries:

“Believe in yourself and anything is possible.”

It is a common phrase that is shouted from the top of the mountain of success to those below aspiring to get to that position.  Those at the top know what it takes, and realized early on how much believing in yourself plays a part in your overall success.

There is no room for self-doubt in the climb to the top.

Once you start questioning yourself, you give yourself an out for why you didn’t accomplish your goals.

Your self-belief should not just be applied to one goal.

Instead…be confident entering any challenge you come across.  First-time failures and setbacks are going to occur, but they should not define you or deter you from ultimately completing the goal you set for yourself.

Setbacks should serve as a way to learn where you went wrong and how you can improve moving forward.  Your determination to succeed should be so strong that anything less will only push you harder to reach your goals.  It’s this kind of determination – combined with confidence in yourself – that will result in ultimately achieving your goals.

When it comes down to it, you can be your greatest source of motivation, or you can be your own worst enemy.

Believe in yourself and set the bar high. You are capable of achieving whatever you set your mind to.